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*NEW for "Nuclear South Asia: Un-Gated University Edition"*

Nuclear Learning has developed additional instructor resources for use with the special, un-gated university edition of "Nuclear South Asia."

We offer two suggested lesson plans to help instructors take advantage of the flexibility of the new edition of the course. These are short mini-modules tailored for South Asian security courses and nuclear security courses, respectively, that feature selected video lectures from throughout the un-gated edition of the course. These can be used to complement curricula.

We also offer a full course guide of all the lessons in "Nuclear South Asia" to help instructors develop their own lesson plans.

Options for Course Utilization

Nuclear Learning endeavors to work with instructors and academic institutions in South Asia, the United States, and beyond to ensure "Nuclear South Asia" and subsequent open online courses receive the widest possible audience and, when appropriate, are incorporated into existing university-level curricula.

Here are four options for instructors who are interested in utilizing Nuclear Learning and its open online courses as educational resources:

1. Promote: Inform your students about Nuclear Learning and encourage them to enroll in the “Nuclear South Asia” online course. We have created an email template to help you spread the word to your students.

2. Assign: Make “Nuclear South Asia” a required assignment in courses on international relations/security, diplomacy, and related issues. We are able to verify whether your students have completed the course requirements so you can count “Nuclear South Asia” towards their grades.

3. Integrate: Watch select video lessons from “Nuclear South Asia” in the classroom. We have prepared chapter guides to facilitate lesson planning and in-class discussions.

4. Partner: Organize a one-day boot camp to give your students access to Stimson staff, course lecturers, and professional-development opportunities. Students must enroll in and complete “Nuclear South Asia” prior to the boot camp.

Chapter Guides

We offer instructors "chapter guides" for each of the seven chapters of "Nuclear South Asia." These documents explain learning objectives, define key terms, summarize each lesson, and include lists of recommended readings and discussion questions.


You can reference our glossary to read definitions of key terms from the entire course.

Video and Transcripts

Each video can be downloaded from your course account and used in lectures to show students. Transcripts for all videos can also be downloaded below or in the "Additional Resources" section within the course.

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